FBS Nutrition Plan


What you get?

Basic nutrition terms and guidelines

Detailed guide how to calculate energy needs, and what and when to eat

Full 14 days meal plan (5 meals a day)

Recipe book for all meals



By using this nutrition guideline YOU will be able to make the diet plan for yourself. How is that possible? Well, it will be easy because we will guide you through this booklet from the beginning to the end. We will teach you how to perform body measurements, how to read the values you get and how to transform them into something meaningful to you. In this booklet you will find everything about nutrition, written in a simple language supported by many examples derived from our personal lives.
This booklet is all about you learning how to balance your nutrition! You will be aware of what energy is and
which sources of energy are the best for the diet. Most important, you will know how to calculate the energy you
need for your purposes! Moreover, we will teach you what to eat and when, taking into consideration your physical
activity.  At last, we will provide you a 14 full days meal plan + detailed recipes which can be used as guideline for your future diets and as a good starting point. You will surely enjoy the booklet.