How to make your diet balanced without feeling hungry and bored?

Obesity. Overweight. Sedentary lifestyle. These terms are all familiar to us. They characterize the world that we are living in, where fighting extra kilograms is an everyday struggle. The World Health Organization declared that, in 2014, 39% of the world adults aged 18+ were overweight and 13% were obese.
Several companies, recognizing this trend as a potential market, have started selling new products, publicized as magical remedies to the problem. They promise drastic weight loss in just a couple of weeks. However, several questions should be raised at this point… Is that the right way to lose extra kilograms? Is it healthy for your body? And, is it a sustainable solution? Is that going to make you feel happier and healthier? Generally, the answer to each of these questions is one-big NO.
Indeed, when we face substantial food restrictions, our body slows down. More in specific, our basal metabolic rate slows down, leading to a hormonal imbalance. Isn’t it shocking! In the scientific world, this process is known as metabolic adaptation. People who are dieting face this problem constantly, without actually realizing it.


But what happens when we stop drastic diets?

We start consuming again the same amount of food as we did before. But, the slowed down metabolism is not ready to burn all the kcal ingested, storing them as fat. Thus we get fatter and less healthy than when we started the diet. In order to re-fasten up our metabolism, after a drastic diet, the body needs to follow a balanced diet plan for an average of 2 year period. That’s why people gain weight really fast after they stop dieting. Consequently, all the drastic diet is ruined just in few weeks of “normal” life.
Now that we know what the metabolic adaptation is, how can we lose this annoying fat, without slowing our body’s activities?
Well, this can be done following a balanced diet!
Wooow! Great! But, wait a second…What is actually this balanced diet?

What is actually this balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a nutrition plan with which you intake enough energy, macro and micronutrients for your daily needs. A balanced diet is based on your activities and your needs. Thus it is personal and not general. A balanced diet does not have major restrictions. A balanced diet is based on science and it’s a mix of timing, quantities, food combinations, cooking practices and organization of your meals. A balanced diet is cooking healthy, eating healthy and enjoying it. Including a great variety of food. Because only having a variate diet, you will be able to intake all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that are so essential for your body. A balanced diet does not last 4 weeks, nor three months; it is a change of lifestyle that will teach you how to live healthy for the rest of your life.
Yes! You will lose weight, but without compromising the health of your body.
As you can see, in a balanced diet there is no place for hunger, nor for boredom. With FBS nutrition plan you will experience joy, health and an energy boost in your life.

Srdjan Miljanic

Be Smart.Train Smart.

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